Finding Calm
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Finding Calm

A group for women:

Thrive Therapy, Inc. presents an exciting therapy group opportunity kicking off in 2019!

While anxiety is something that is commonly talked about, we rarely hear just how problematic it can become. Many suffer with a “free floating” anxiety that is not necessarily linked to any one thing, but linked to many things. I worry all the time. I have trouble falling asleep at night because my mind just won’t shut down. I find myself getting easily irritated at little things during the day. I can’t focus or concentrate. I can’t control my worrying. My worries “chain” together and it seems like a never ending battle. I don’t ever have a sense of accomplishment because I just start worrying about the next thing I have to do. This type of anxiety is something that is very common. The good news: it is highly treatable! This means relief from this constant worry is well within your reach.

That is why we are excited to bring to you a group dedicated to women seeking

relief from constant worry.

Finding Calm will be a 12-week group held weekly on Tuesdays starting February 5, 2019, 6:30p -7:45p. This group has only 8 total seats available and is $50.00/session. 

Group will be led by Jennifer Simpson, LISW-S.

This kind of cognitive-behavioral group is a great way to get the treatment/support you need if anxiety is negatively impacting your life. These evidence-based sessions will use education, relaxation, and skills training to help participants manage and control symptoms and allow you to live lives without so much worry. Because of the structure of the group and the material being cumulative, participants are expected to come weekly and complete practice assignments between sessions. 

Want more info?

Please contact me by January 25, 2019 if interested. I will provide additional information and schedule an assessment with you before the group starts to ensure that the group is an ideal fit for you. If so, a seat will be reserved for you. There is a maximum of 8 participants.

*Note: seats cannot be reserved without an individual assessment.

Not the group you’re looking for? No worries. I will be rolling out additional group therapy opportunities in the winter and spring on 2019. If you have a specific request for a group, feel free to email me with your ideas. Take care,


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