What's next: 


Phone Consultation: 

After you contact me, I will call you for a free 15-minute consultation. We will go over some basic questions and see first if my fees and appointment availability work for you. If so, I will then email you some intake paperwork to complete prior to your initial appointment.


Initial appointment: 

This appointment will last about 2 hours. During this time, we will review your intake paperwork together and I will conduct a clinical interview to get a better understanding of your struggles. I firmly believe that one cannot provide good, ethical treatment without a solid assessment.

Then we get a game-plan in place! Together, we will review available treatment options. We will set treatment goals. I will provide you an estimated number of expected sessions and pricing. Finally, we will set up your first therapy appointment!


Between Initial appointment and your first therapy appointment: 

You may freak out. Then maybe get a little excited about the thought of feeling better. Then anxiety will creep back in. You may want to cancel. You may call me. I will tell you that all of this is completely normal, that change is hard, but healing is worth it. Then you remember all the reasons you wanted treatment in the first place. You realize you can do this! You realize you are not alone! You realize you are a badass and that you can do hard things! 


Treatment phase:

Individual treatment on average is 3 to 4 months of weekly appointments, depending on your treatment needs. Please see available treatments to see estimated number of sessions for different therapies. 


After treatment:

We will review your progress. We will then discuss a clinically appropriate follow-up plan.

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